"Stealing" with Thieves-Your New Best Friend

"Stealing" with Thieves-Your New Best Friend

Stealing with thieves?  WHAT EVER DO YOU MEAN?  

Well, we're talking about Thieves.  ALL.THINGS.THIEVES! Thieves is a product line with Young Living and there's a REALLY cool story behind the name! We'll share with ya the deets in the class! 

So what is it? Think about cleaning your countertops, your glass, your shower, your floors-whether they be wood, tile, whatevs-, Thieves cleaner has you covered.  Like, lick the floor, clean the chicken juice, covered! 

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE {channel your inner infomercial eye roll}. But seriously there is...clean your hands, your laundry, your dishes, and your fruits and veggies! The Thieves line is crazy awesome and we'll show you why!

We will create your very own cleaner bottle and you will walk with resources to keep you in check and a cute, labeled glass spray bottle of the cleaner so you can try it out before you baby step it or go all in!

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