Spring Break DIY's for the Kiddos!!

Spring Break DIY's for the Kiddos!!

Are you and the kiddos having a staycation for Spring Break and need a little something different for their experience?! 

Bloom studio is having a Create-Your-Own-Bathbomb and Superhero Serum Roller Bottle with essential oils class!

Kiddos love bath bombs but they are pricey and filled with a lot of toxic junk they don't need soaking up in their little bodies.  They will get to create their bath bomb using therapeutic oils and actually benefit from what the oils have to offer! 

Then we will create a roller bottle-super hero style-that the kiddos can apply to themselves and start advocating wellness NOW! 

There will be a super brief education chat on essential oils and why we are so passionate about them at the beginning of the class.  While you are getting your "know" on, we have some fun coloring sheets to keep the littles preoccupied for just a bit! 

We hope you'll join us! 

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