Self Defense Class

Self Defense Class

Instructed by Chris Mize

Chris has trained and studied self-defense for 35 years attaining black belt instructor level in multiple combative disciplines. He has successfully trained groups ranging from 4 year olds, all the way to Army Special Operations!

All of this PLUS he is Bloom's neighbor in business located next door! Check out his website

We are partnered with Young Living Essential Oils and one of their main organizations is Hope for Justice-A Fight Against Human Trafficking.  Their mission statement is "We exist to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society."  The awareness of what human trafficking means and what categories of trafficking are lingering is even wild to know about! Check out their site and gain some awareness here.

So we thought it was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness in self defense and we met Chris! He is very dedicated and has a passion in helping others achieve awareness and meeting their goals in different life skills.  

**This class is strictly fundamental and will go over basic elements of what to do if an attempt to attack/assault were to occur.