Introduction to Essential Oils 101: College Style!

Introduction to Essential Oils 101: College Style!

Instructed by Brooke Garrison 

Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE in all stages of life can maximize their health and focus on their everyday wellness with the use of essential oils and oil infused products. 

And some of us are in the big leagues now...COLLEGE! 

Not sure how you're feeling right about it now, but if I had to guess, there have been some eye-opening experiences since stepping into the classrooms!

There's Math 101, English 101, Chemistry 101...what about a Self Care 101?!

It's time to study hard, time to focus, time to eat the right foods and get the right sleep for the jobs at hand! What if we told you there was a way to make some of this hard stuff a little (well, a lot!) easier?! 

In this class, we want to introduce you to a little world of wellness where you can catapult yourself into helping prevent some of the biggest issues college students face in their health.  We will learn what essential oils and supplements  you can use to help combat stress, maximize sleep, focus on tasks at hand, and other ways to benefit your mind, body and soul in this new journey! 


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