Living Your Best Life with Young Living

Living Your Best Life with Young Living

Is your health holding you back from being and doing all that you know God created you for?  Do you have dreams, goals or activities that seem impossible because of the way that you feel? Could it be possible to experience freedom like you've always desired? We're here to tell you that the answer is "YES!!!" You don't have to just survive through each day anymore, but can learn steps to take towards THRIVING!  It IS possible to wake up feeling good in the morning! It IS possible to have energy and strength to get back to living LIFE!  

You may have heard of essential oils and oil-infused supplements, but do you know WHY our bodies need them?  Do you know where to find quality products that you can trust?  Did you know that most companies on the market just slap labels on their products with little to no accountability? During our time together we will cover why this happens, what makes Young Living stand above the rest, and unlock the gateway to YOUR road to wellness!  Everyone is at a different place in life, but this class will have something for everyone!  

Amy Quispe will be sharing her incredible story of how God used Young Living and essential oils to set her on her journey to FREEDOM from a life of feeling trapped and held back by her own health!  

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