Cellular Functioning with Essential Oils

Cellular Functioning with Essential Oils

Instructed by Janie Hill

Ever wondered WHY we need essential oils?  I mean, what can they do for us?!  

There are SO MANY toxins we as humans consume in several ways and on a daily basis.  Find out what they are, how we can combat many of them, and how essential oils can renew cellular functioning! 

This class will focus on why your body needs essential oils and supplements instructed by Janie in a way you will laugh, be intrigued, and be on the edge of your seats wanting to know more! 

If you have never heard of essential oils or want to expand your knowledge on why essential oils benefit your everyday lives, this is your class! Can't wait to see you! 

*This class is not designed to go over any particular YL essential oils, but to educate on why our bodies need them.  

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