Happy Minds, Happy Cells
Happy Minds, Happy Cells

Happy Minds, Happy Cells

Instructed by Janie Hill and Paul & Suzanne Talley 



Collaborating to address, the Mind, Body and Spirit, these 3 individuals will bring to you a different perspective on Emotional, Spiritual, and Body care. Science, the brain, and our cellular functioning: This information will blow you away! 

After 30 years of working in Western Medicine as a nurse practitioner, Janie Hill, knew there had to be a better way to care for her patients. After retirement, Janie began the search for alternative health options. Come hear about the solutions she found and how it started with the care for her husband during his health journey.  Janie is funny, and super entertaining as she educates us on cellular function and how we can choose healthier options to care and repair our bodies with natural supplements and essential oils. 


Paul and Suzanne Talley have been in ministry for most of their married life as a pastor, missionaries of 18 years, and now co-founders of a non-profit counseling ministry of 9 years. Paul and Suzanne experienced their own marriage crisis that caused them to begin a road of “recovery” of addiction, and emotional, spiritual and even physical trauma. Unknowingly, they stumbled upon this incredible tool that they now use in their ministry that brings individuals to a much deeper level of memory, and emotional healing through aromatherapy. Paul is certified in addiction and trauma therapy and is a sponsor to other therapists supervisor for IITAP certification program. 


**This is an educational class not designed to go over any essential oils but to educate why we need them. There will be people there to assist if you if you want more information on products and services afterwards. 

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