Blending with Essential Oils

Blending with Essential Oils

Instructed by Kelli Wright and Lisa Michael

So you have your essential oils, and they ALL do SO MANY wonderful things with all those intimate molecular structures they have...but did you know the chemistry that makes up that molecular structure is the most important part!  It's what decides which oils correct, restore, clean and delete the bad junk in our cells!  It's just so crazy awesome!   

In this class, we are going to go over the fancy terms of this chemistry and reveal the power inside! We will also go over how to blend these in certain DIY's based on their "notes" in order to get the very best therapeutic blends! **If you have an essential oil desk reference, and it's too "chemistry-ish" for ya, this will open up a whole new door for your understanding! 

Now, for the ones that need to channel their creative side to override the nerdy side, we will have THREE DIY's for you to create based upon your new found knowledge!! 



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