Back To School-Pack The Backpack!

Back To School-Pack The Backpack!

It's ALMOST that time again!! Who's jumping for joy?  Or maybe your tearing up because you have a kindergartener or because it feels like yesterday you were sending your high school-er to kindergarten! We feel you on BOTH side of the spectrum there, mamas! 

For this class, we wanna show you ALL THE THINGS for that backpack-from something to rid those the snotty nose germs, to a little spray to keep the literal cooties out of the hair, to something to roll on during test time to get the brain cells ramped up!

We'll even talk about lunchtime! Packing those lunchboxes isn't always the easiest, but we want our kiddos to get a nutritious meal.  So let's talk bento boxes! Prepping ahead and making it super easy in the morning so you have a little more time to enjoy that second cup of coffee! 

Well ALSO talk morning, evening and bedtime routines!

We'll chat everything except the PTO dues...those are on you!  

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