Kelli discovered the benefits of a holistic lifestyle in 2012 when her family was suffering with a chronic diseases that modern medicine could only offer a band-aid for. That year she was introduced to Young Living, a company that offers clean, toxic free lifestyle products for the home, along with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. This company and its community catapulted her into exploring the affects that processed foods, poor nutrition and toxic chemicals in personal care products had on her family’s health. Through making lifestyle changes, she and her family are now the healthiest and happiest they have ever been. Kelli has taken her passion for Young Living, and her passion for helping others achieve ultimate wellness through a holistic lifestyle  and turned it into a full time business for her and her husband Les. Kelli is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 




Bloom's Essential Oil Educator
Charee is Bloom Studio's oily guru!  She started her wellness journey over five years ago in small baby steps and got hooked FAST! She started out just wanting to grow in wellness for myself and my family and it turned into so much more-her entire thought process changed.  She's still learning and loves the fact that there is always a growth in wellness. Charee says, "The Lord really did some good stuff here on Earth for all of us, didn't He?!" When this dream of having a wellness started to play out alongside Kelli, she was so psyched!  She has met so many other ways to can grow mentally, physically and spiritually alongside this amazing community.  Her passion is to introduce others to wellness in all of these areas and set them on their own journeys.  Charee says, "I consider it a HUGE learning experience to share, teach and continue to learn with all of you!"




Bloom Studio's Operations Manager
Resident “Crafter ~ Extraordinaire”
Lisa has one daughter and son in law, and has been recently promoted to GiGi (which makes her one of those crazy grandparents) too! God, Family, Faith, and Loving on others while walking out her purpose is what matters most to Lisa. Her wellness journey started a bit differently than most, as the business side of oils came at a time when she was in need of a serious life change. Being introduced to something that could not only help her physically but also financially was a HUGE draw to Lisa. She absolutely LOVES creating and making things herself. She may or may not be able to do everything except plumbing and electrical work. So taking charge of her own health and wellness seemed like the next logical step in her journey. Lisa's background comes with some crazy qualifications. She has a degree in Interior Design, one in Studio Art with concentrations in photography, 3~D design and technical theater where costuming and set design were her specialty. She's worked in floral design, directing and coordinating weddings, as well as graphic design work in the invitation industry. She's taught floral design and photography at the collegiate level and loves sharing knowledge and the skills she's learned with others. Lisa says, "You can't take it with you right? So by teaching someone else how to do what you love, your legacy will live long after you are gone". She also believes one of the “gifting's” she's been given is prayer, so combining that gifting with Raindrop techniques is one of the ways she loves helping others with their minds, bodies and emotions. Lisa says, "God is so good and I can't wait to share what God's blessed me with all of you!"




Bloom's Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
Zane is Bloom's certified holistic health and wellness coach! She wants to share her experiences with you all to ultimately share the love of our Lord. He has shown her healing and balance in ways the world cannot teach. He created wellness before it was trendy and she says she's playing a small role in giving Him back the glory! Holistic health is all about balancing a healthy diet with movement, relationships, hobbies and career and focusing it on our Father. Zane is so excited to share about holistic health and guide you in your own wellness journey. Whether you need guidance with a healthy body image, balancing hormones naturally, or just tips on meal prepping, Zane hopes to bring you clarity in making decisions for you and your family. She cannot wait to meet you guys!! 







Events Coordinator
Amy is Bloom's Event Coordinator. She is a Birmingham native and 2009 graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in marketing and French. Shortly after graduation, Amy began a career organizing and executing luxury corporate hospitality and fan events in collegiate sports, with guests of up to 250,000. Amy’s clients included several SEC and Big 12 sports marketing programs, in addition to ESPN and Fox Sports. A few years into her career, she met her husband at a church small group! After just 3 short years of marriage, they now have two beautiful babies, Everette and Hank. After taking some time in the busy season of motherhood, Amy feels so blessed for the opportunity to use her passion for all things “event planning” in a place that she has been praying for, Bloom Studio! In addition to serving as the Events Coordinator for Bloom, Amy will be instructing classes geared towards mothers and mothers-to-be, providing helpful knowledge on a variety of topics, while encouraging growth and community among women and mothers.






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